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At present time, when billions of money is generated with user’s data, save guarding the data of an e-commerce website has become a difficult task. Although, there is no major differentiation factor for the cyber criminals to make choice from large scale or small-scale businesses, but small-scale business needs to be more careful for avoiding … Continue reading “10 Vital Ways to Secure Your Ecommerce Website from Cyber Threats”

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2019 was a great year for Software Development Industry as Software and Digitalisation are affecting every sector. The trend will continue and will impact the world even more in 2020. In order to survive in this unpredictable industry of constant innovations and advancements, it is mandatory to match its pace. A smart business person not … Continue reading “5 Top-rated Software Development Trend You Will See in 2020”

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November 5th, 2019

SAP integration is achieved by adopting some common approaches, or methodologies. Namely, integration of software applications in such a way that they use a shared database, integration using service-oriented architecture stacks (point to point direct integration and standalone enterprise service bus integration), robotic process automation and a combination of these approaches. We will learn about … Continue reading “5 Challenges to SAP Integration You Should Know”

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